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Home & Car Insurance Discounts

There are a lot of discounts available for both your home and car that can save you money on insuring them. Possible categories for savings include safety, car or structural details, personal details, and special discounts. The following list is not complete, and not all discounts are available from every insurance company, but it should provide you with enough information to help you find even more ways to save money. Safety Related Discounts This type of discount is available for homes or vehicles that have added features to promote safety or prevent theft. In cars, safety discounts include electronic stability control, air bags, and anti-theft devices of different types. In your home, safety related discounts include fire and smoke alarms, monitored security systems, burglar bars, and fences, among other things. Car Specific Discounts Details about the car itself may be a source for cheaper car insurance. A 4 door car is cheaper to insure than one with 2 doors, for example. Other car-related discounts include the make and model of the car, its highway safety rating, and the engine size. Home Specific Discounts The material your home is built from will affect the price of your insurance, along with the age of the home. Where it is located is important for several reasons, including the crime rate, and the potential for natural disasters. If the home has a pool, your rates will be higher, but that cost can be offset if the pool is enclosed by a fence with a self-latching gate. Take a look at other ways to get cheap homeowners insurance. Personal Information Information about you comprises a majority of the discounts available for both your home and car. Your marital status, occupation, and education level provide key indicators to the risk of insuring you. Your credit score and CLUE report give insurers a look at your financial and insurance risks, and your driving history gives potential insurers a glimpse of your responsibility behind the wheel of a car. Special Discounts Special discounts do not fall into any particular category, and may be applied to either type of policy. For example, holding multiple policies with the same insurance company will earn you a discount, and you may also be entitled to discount for staying with the same company through several renewals. Safety related discounts such as safe driver awards fit into this category, and so do discounts based on limited driving miles. Talk to your insurance agent about any discounts that may be available, or shop online to find the company which offers the best discounts.