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Most Common Home Insurance Mistakes

Home insurance is a necessity, but that does not mean that all insurance policies are the same or that there is no work that needs to be done by you to ensure that the insurance remains valid. Here are some ways to avoid the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to their home insurance.

How to Write a Convincing Demand Letter to Settle Your Insurance Claim

Even though you do your best to stay safe, the time may eventually come when you’re involved in an accident where the other party’s is at fault. When this occurs, you could be stuck with loss of wages, damaged property, and medical bill expenses. Whether it’s just property damage or personal injury, you need to know that the at fault party’s insurance is willing to indemnify you in the case of a claim. Writing a demand letter is the best way make sure that all your expenses and losses are taken care of. This article will be a step by step guide on how to write a convincing demand letter to settle your insurance claim.

Home Appliance Warranties: Insurance for Your Appliances and More

Imagine returning to the comforts of your home, after a long two-week summer vacation. Drained by the Georgia heat, you briskly run to turn on your thermostat anxiously waiting to feel the cool sensation of air circulating through your home. However, there’s a problem! Ten minutes have passed and there isn’t any air blowing! Naturally, you begin pressing all buttons just to get a reaction from your air conditioner, but there is still no response. Hoping that the issue is something simple, you decide to: change the batteries in the thermostat and flip the AC valve switch on the breaker. But nothing is working. This is the moment when you know you need to call a HVAC specialist. He assesses the situation, only to tell you the one thing that no homeowner wants to hear: that your AC unit needs to be replaced! The replacement could cost anywhere from $500 to $4000 dollars! Unexpected home repairs can be a devastating financial strain. At some time or another, many homeowners will find themselves in this situation or one that is similar. Therefore, it is important to have a home warranty.

How to Handle the Most Common Home Insurance Claims

Many homeowners are able to go several years without filing an insurance claim on their home. In fact, according to analytics company ISO, claims are only filed by about five percent of homeowners each year. It is good that homeowner claims occur less frequently than automobile claims, but with reduced frequency comes reduced expertise. Since property claims occur less often, and because many people start out their adult lives as renters before they purchase their first home, there is generally more confusion about what to do when problems arise.

Car and Home Insurance Coverage That Can Be a Waste of Money

In general, insurance is a great asset. It ensures that you will be reimbursed if you ever suffer a covered loss. But some losses are much more likely to transpire than others. In today's world you can get insurance against virtually anything, even though the truth is some of those policies are unnecessary. What types of insurance should you be on the lookout to avoid? Here's a helpful list to keep you from buying insurance you don't need.

Commonly Misunderstood Insurance Concepts

Despite the availability of live agents, toll-free call centers, and an almost endless supply of information on the internet, policyholders everywhere still hold a multitude of misconceptions about insurance. Why do these fallacies persist? The reasons are almost as numerous as the misconceptions themselves. Some people are afraid to be ridiculed if they ask a question that they think is stupid. Others take the advice of friends or family members who may have good intentions but do not truly have a firm grasp of how insurance works. Whatever the reason, do not fall victim to any of these insurance misconceptions

Co-op Insurance - Your Guide to Getting Home Insurance for Your Apartment

If you live in many parts of rural or suburban America, you may never have heard of cooperative housing, sometimes also known as a co-op apartment. While this type of housing arrangement is becoming increasingly popular lately, co-ops have been around for the last several decades in areas like Washington, D.C. and New York City. In cities with a high cost of living such as these, co-ops have been helping people purchase homes where they might not otherwise be able to afford one.

Home Fire Safety Guides and Educational Resources

Home Fire Safety Guides and Educational Resources

Although home fires have decreased drastically over the last thirty-five years, they still happen frequently. In fact, over 369,000 home fires occur in the United States each year, resulting in $6.8 billion worth of damage. Many of these fires are preventable, but some are not. Learn about the steps you can take to keep your family safe in the event of a fire, because when it comes to home fires, preparation can mean the difference in life and death.

Home Alarm Systems: Family Security, Insurance Savings and More

Home insurance carriers offer homeowners a lot of ways to save money on their home insurance premiums. Yet, many policyholders are unaware of these fantastic savings opportunities. For example, many insurance companies provide cheaper home insurance rates when living in areas with less natural disasters or having a home that can withstand a natural disaster. Homeowners can also save between 5 and 20 percent on their premiums by making changes to their homes that increase safety and security, such as installing new house wiring, protective roofing materials, natural gas and water leak detectors and burglary and emergency event alarm systems.

Engagement Ring Insurance

Before most people say, "I do" or ask "will you?" someone usually has to say "I'll take that one." So in a way, buying an engagement ring is really the first step in a life-long commitment. It makes sense to want to insure the symbol of your love, in order to guarantee that it will be around for a long time. But is engagement ring insurance really necessary or is it just a way for insurance companies to make a profit in the wedding industry? The truth about this coverage may surprise you.


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